A Love for Expression and Beginning Ballet for Adults

Beginning Ballet for Adults

By grown-up standards, children pursue creative risks like music, art or dance with tremendous bravery and abandon. The reality is kids take amazing leaps because it never occurs to them they should not. To be self-conscious over one’s efforts at creative self-expression is a learned trait and one we find very difficult to shed as we age.

Diversity is Our Strength

Diversity is Our Strength

Talking about race is challenging. Perhaps part of the reason is members of white, privileged American culture have difficulty recognizing the fact that our country was established through colonialism, slavery and institutionalized racism. Those toxic elements are fused into the DNA of our culture. Though we try to tell ourselves otherwise, those qualities have never gone away.

Exit Interview: Continuing Education Programming Specialist, Janet Sekijima Retires

Janet Sekijima Retires

After over thirty years of steadfast dedication, enthusiasm and emotional investment in the success of the North Seattle College community, Continuing Education Program Specialist Janet Sekijima will retire at the end of August 2019. Janet has seen a world of change since she first started work at North in 1989 and much of that change was thanks to the speed of advancing technology.

Meet CE 2019 Student Art Show People’s Choice Winner, Kame Kotapati

People's Choice "Under the Sea" by Kame Kotopati

North Seattle College Continuing Education 2019 Student Art Show People’s Choice Winner, Kame Kotapati, came to the program several years ago with little background in the arts.

Women, Mythology and the Heroine’s Journey

Women and Mythology

“I absolutely love bridging the gap between history and modernity,” says Women and Mythology instructor Angela Sells.

Creating Security with Planning Manners Workshop

Planning Matters Workshop

Sometimes the most successful career path is one inspired by a personal crusade. This was definitely the case for instructor Barbara West and her class, Planning Matters Workshop.

CE’s 5th Annual Student Art Show Jurors' Choice Award Winners

CE 5th Annual Student Art Show

On July 16th, 2019 North Seattle College’s Art Gallery was bustling with excited artists and supporters for the opening of the 5th Annual Continuing Education Student Art Show. Since its inception, the event has steadily grown to become a much-anticipated celebration of our students’ pursuit of creative self-expression and community building.


Shaking Off the Worries with Earthquake Preparedness

Photo by Richard Walker

Earthquakes are common here in the Pacific Northwest, but we spend a great deal of time pretending otherwise. Every time the news informs of us of another shaker along the Western seaboard, as experienced early in the morning of July 12, 2019, anxious chatter about THE BIG ONE inevitably spikes. Most often, the buzz dies down within a few weeks and we all resume our regular routines.

Hardwiring Happiness

The Science of Happiness

What does it mean to be truly happy? Is it a quality to which some are predisposed while others are not? These are questions instructor Andrés Maturen plans to explore in his class The Science of Happiness: A Roadmap to Optimal Human Performance.

Mount St Helens and How it Shaped Our Lives

Explore Mount St Helens

Mount St Helens’ eruption had a significant impact on hearts and minds across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Those of us who were alive at the time have a very clear recollection of where we were on May 18, 1980.

Outdoor Meditation

Photo by Marina Boyarkina

In theory, a stroll outdoors to take in some fresh air and clear our minds is the best tonic for stress. Unfortunately, for most of us irritating problems or persistent ruminations can interrupt a solitary walk by the water or through the woods. However, when we practice mindfulness in nature, as practiced by Zen mountain monks, we can let go of worries and settle the mind and body.

The Shape of Things to Come: A Q&A with Introduction to Sculpture instructor CJ Carter

Medusa's Revenge, by CJ Carter

This summer CE offers a new course, Introduction to Sculpture. The class is a terrific entry point for students new to creating with clay as well as a great exploration for those experienced with the pottery wheel.

Creative Writing: Listening for the Sound of Your Own ‘Voice’

Creative Writing

CE Creative Writing instructor Steve Lorton is in the business of demystification. In particular, he’s out to set the record straight regarding what it means to be successful at creative writing. Creative writing, be it fiction or non-fiction, is ultimately a storytelling process.

“We Put Our Open Hearts on the Page”: A Talk with CE Poetry Student Jessica Towns

Jessica Towns

One of the beautiful things about being a lifelong learner is finding the courage to revisit an area of study that seemed determined to reject you earlier in life.  Jessica Towns is just such a learner. Over the years, Towns has explored a great variety of Continuing Education (CE) classes but, to her own surprise, it was her passion for writing that became a constant in her life.

On Photo Safari: Discovering Yourself and Great Photos

Under the Boardwalk

Leslie Saber is very excited about the places her upcoming series of photography classes will take her students, physically and creatively.

A Cultural Exploration of Seattle


Au Pairs seeking greater learning opportunities during their stay in Seattle now have a golden learning adventure before them.

"No One Told Me It Was Even a Thing!": Richard Farr talks about Philosophy and Every Day Life.

Live Life Better

Richard Farr wants to help you wrap your head around a happier way of life. Farr has always had a love of words and what we do with them—including deep reflection and contemplation, but he didn’t make those discoveries on his own.

Get into the Rhythm of Speaking with an American Accent

ESL Students

From a young age, Speaking with an American Accent instructor Nicole Kaup has harbored a love for discovering new languages and experiencing other cultures. After attaining degrees in Spanish, she taught college level Spanish courses before moving on to teach ESL.

The 1st Annual Continuing Education Writers Contest a Success!

Digest Cover

Following more than a year of planning, North Seattle College Continuing Education (CE) writing students finally had their moment to shine. Thanks to suggestions and encouragement from writing instructor Christine Dubois, in early December, 2018 CE put out a call for submissions for the 1st Annual Continuing Education Writers Contest.

Breaking the Rules with Expressive Calligraphy

Art of Calligraphy

Continuing Education calligraphy instructor Cathy Shiovitz says she first found herself mesmerized by the magic of letterforms in the 7th grade. “My English teacher wrote in calligraphy on the class blackboard. I tried to mimic her and later in high school we had an art class devoted to learning calligraphy,” she says.

Making Your Etsy Shop

Get Your Etsy Shop Up and Running

Established in 2005,